Healthy Eating Active Living Matters (HEALing Matters) is a Victorian Government funded online training package and knowledge exchange platform for Out Of Home Care (OOHC) residential workers and carers.

This online tool has been co-designed by Helen and her postdoctoral fellow, Dr Rachael Green, in collaboration with out-of-home care, child protection and health consumers and community stakeholders including young people with a lived experience of residential OOHC. Dr Green’s PhD research along with trauma, attachment and resilience theories provided the insights for the program’s content.

The primary aim of HEALing Matters is to improve the eating and physical activity habits, as well as the wellbeing and life skills, of young people living in residential OOHC.

By addressing this aim, HEALing Matters contributes to social and economic impact by reducing inequalities and promoting increased inclusion and health equity.

This research receive the 2020 Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research Impact (Social and Economic Impact – team)