Helen is regarded internationally as the pre-eminent perinatal body image researcher who has generated new knowledge in this area since 2003. She was the first to conduct a longitudinal study and report on prospective body image changes through pregnancy and the 12 months post birth (n = 479 women), contributing a major advance in body image theory development and in our understanding of modifiable psychosocial factors related to body dissatisfaction during the ante- and postnatal periods.

Her work in this area has been published in over 80 peer reviewed papers. She has worked with Briony and Heidi Bergmeier in this area. One of Briony’s seminal conceptual papers is included here:

Hill, B., Skouteris, H., McCabe, M., Milgrom, J., Kent, B., Herring, S., Hartley-Clark, L., & Gale, J. (2012). A Conceptual Model of Risk and Protective Factors for Excessive Gestational Weight Gain. Midwifery, 29(2), 110-114